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Hormone Replacement Therapy in Men

Dr Giannoulis is a highly qualified endocrinologist (a hormone doctor specialist), with a special interest in hormone replacement treatment in men (HRT). This is an area of medicine, where our research has shown the tangible benefits that may come from hormone replacement therapy.

I have published several peer-reviewed articles in the medical press much of which has been discussed in medical community and in the press.
A major outcome of these studies is that they have shown the importance and efficacy of combined growth hormone and testosterone replacement with no significant side effects.

Being a clinical expert on the subject of HRT in men my role would be to apply similar stringent scientific criteria to design and execute a therapeutic approach tailored to your needs, which should confer clinical benefits while avoiding undesirable side effects.

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testosterone growth hormone replacement therapy

The concept of hormone replacement therapy

We are going to live longer but are we also going to live healthier?  The answer is rather not. This is because of a progressive age-related deterioration in our physical function as a result of a decline in our aerobic capacity, muscle strength and power. So, do we move and exercise less while we age?  I am afraid the answer is yes!

combined growth hormone & testosterone

It appears that the main reason for this is feeling rather fatigued and tired, a common feature of middle age men as the years goes by! But you should not worry, this is a universal finding of aging and occurs even to highly trained and genetically gifted individuals. Actually, their decline of their physical function may be even greater.

This decline in our physical performance runs in parallel with the decline in growth hormone  and testosterone  secretion the two main anabolic hormones in men. Interestingly growth hormone, testosterone and exercise capacity are all of paramount importance for normal muscle function and balance.

Similarities between the detrimental changes of aging and the changes which occur in young men who are deficient of GH and or testosterone, have led to the hypothesis that the hormone decline may contribute to these detrimental changes.

Although the role of both testosterone and growth hormone in preventing the adverse changes in physical function observed in older men has yet to be fully established, strong scientific evidence supports the hypothesis that carefully selected individuals may benefit from combined growth hormone and testosterone replacement therapy.

Symptoms and signs of hormone decline while we are getting older

– Have you noticed a bothersome progressive drop in your energy levels, muscle strength and endurance?

– Are you gaining weight easily and find it difficult to lose it?

– Do you feel easily upset, moody or sad or your sex drive has decreased?

If you think some of the above questions are familiar to you, then you may benefit from hormone treatment.

men hormone replacement therapy

Let’s see if you could be a potential candidate for HRT treatment by answering the following questions:

hormone replacement therapy
  • Do you suffer from diabetes or do you have a heart, liver and kidney disorder?
  • Do you have cancer, which is active at the moment, or have you ever had prostate cancer?
  • Do you suffer from high blood pressure, which is not well controlled at the present time?
  • Do you have any problems with your mobility?
  • Are you taking appetite suppressants?
  • Are you taking any steroid tablets, for example, prednisolone, hydrocortisone or dexamethasone?
  • Do you have a history of drug or alcohol abuse?
  • Are you younger than 58 or older than 78

If the answer is No in all of the above questions, then you may be a suitable candidate for hormone replacement therapy!

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